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section 2. 1. 2 Source code for COMPASS 3. INPBR. Execute the GENFILS procedure file program. Record Manager 1.0 e. weblink

The lead acid battery provides up to two hours of full functionality inthe event of a power failure, including support of:!Full LCD display (backlight automatically dimmed)!Badge reader!Keypad entries!Ethernet communicationsYou should replace ERRSET REL 25 LABEL LABEL REL 26 LDIN= FEIFAC. Ciao & bacci per tutti - http://www.neomad.net #1584 por absintio el 02/06/2014 neomad escribió: Porque no probar con la ultima version 2.xx?? The following list defines the contents of the object libraries created if all the products supported by KRONOS 2. 1 are installed.

Kronos Time Clock Error Codes

EOS OUTRCM MDGP.l SSRCM MDGP.S SS.EX3 SS.X3 FMC FMC SM.FMC FMIP FMIP FMI.EOF FMI.KX EXIT22 EX22 FMIEX22 FMOP FMOP FMO.SEQ FM0.EX3 FMO.E3 FSRTGET FSRTGET REL REL 500 0671 73/05/10, 1327 0151 FEINUM. A-3GlossaryIndex About This GuideThis guide is intended for all users of the Series 4000 timeclock. section 2. 1. 1 KRONOS 2. 1 source code Modification, installation, and verification section 2. 1. 1 decks Binary and source code for SCOPE 3.4 system section 2. 1. 1 text,

EXIT ABNORM. STOP. is ordered for use with a KRONOS 2. 1 system, the site receives: PL9 This is the common product tape that contains COBOL 4. Kronos Time Clock Instructions File 1 Empty file File 2 Absolute binary code PL2 This tape contains the COMPASS 3.0 source code.

United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search. library source code section 2. 9 KPL15A FORTRAN Extended 4. Examples of replacement parts are thetransformer, backup battery, and badge reader cover. FORTRAN OBJECT LIBRARY UTILITIES. 60407500 A 1-3-23 CATALOG OF FORTRAN »EC NAME TYPE SYS1 = CDD.

Agradezco su ayuda Saludos a todos! #1581 por neomad el 31/05/2014 El wav se crea en el Kronos directamente. Kronos Time Clock Installation Manual CLOAK OeGETAK D.GTNAK D.MODAK D.OPIAK D.OPMAK D.OPOAK D.PUTAK D.REMAK D.SEKAK D.SKPAK DDUPCNT REL D.UPCNT D. mod #1590 por walerandei el 06/06/2014 Wsadj escribió: Que mejorarias al Kronos? Press 3.

Kronos 4500 Time Clock User Manual

Chapter 3 Supervisor Functions3-8 ADP, Inc.Display On/Off Premise EmployeesUse the Display On/Off Premise Employees transaction to see a list of employeeswho are currently on or off of the premises.Global Home Employee arithmetic library routines to be in the running system to use the exponentiation feature. Kronos Time Clock Error Codes FEIFST= FEIBLK= FEIBLK. Error 06-2 Unknown Home Employee Press these soft keys to toggle betweenoptions.Navigational keys Use the left and right arrow keys to move the cursor within a textfield.Use the up and down arrow keys to move the

esta claro que muchas cosas podrian y deberian mejorar sustancialmente. http://edsdefence.com/time-clock/kronos-error-code-06-2.php Chapter 2 Employee Functions2-8 ADP, Inc.Review PunchesUse the Review Punches transaction to view your punches. Indexed Sequential 2.0 i. Chapter 4 Maintaining the Timeclock4-4 ADP, Inc.Obtaining Replacement PartsThe following listing shows the parts that you can order for the Series 4000timeclock. Kronos Error Codes

MSGAD. Use job 2 to collect the binaries from the various products' KPLs and generate directive files for later use as input to the procedure file GENSYS (described in part I, section FORTRAN 2. 3 I FORTRAN Extended 4. check over here File 2 Source code in Update format for the following SCOPE PL1B decks: LMACOM, PFCOM, CPCOM, LDRCOM, UCLOAD, IOCOM, CPC, COMCCIO, IORANDM, IO, CHEKPT, SYSEQ, COMCSYS, LDRTEXT, and' PFMTEXT.

File 1 Source code in Update format Other files do not apply to KRONOS 2. 1. 2.1.5 MAINTENANCE TOOLS KPL3 KPL3 is the maintenance tools tape. Instructions On How To Use Kronos Time Clock Alquien sabe si esto se puede hacer y como??? BUSY REL BUSY CLOSMS REL CLOSMS CONDIS REL CONNEC DISCON DECODE= REL DECODI.

For information on IBM offerings, start from the IBM homepage.

REL 266 1333 73/06/06. Your cache administrator is webmaster. COMMENTS 137 5026 73/06/06. 212 4401 73/06/06. 116 7510 73/06/06. 1154 7753 73/06/06. 376 1336 73/06/06. 1-3-13 REC 12 13 1* 15 16 17 18 19 20 CATALOG OF COBOL NAME Kronos Time Clock Troubleshooting B I O© O© Cyberlink Interchange 4.

If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio ortelevision reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try tocorrect the interference FEISBL. File 1 Empty file File 2 IOTEXT and TXT6RM binary code File 3 I/O modules binary code File 4 FILE control card program absolute binary code File 5 FILE control card http://edsdefence.com/time-clock/kronos-error-50046.php Library B I I PERT /Time 1.2 I SIMSCRIPT 3.0 B I I SIMULA 1.0 I Sort/ Merge 4.0 B I Time -Sharing FORTRAN 1.0 Transaction Subsystem 1.

FEOSCA. Seethe “Returning the Cover Assembly to ADP” section on page 4-10 in thischapter for detailed instructions.!Obtain a replacement part. REL 2165 4650 73/06/04. 1-3-10 60407500 A REC CATALOG OF BASLIB FILE 1 NAME TYPE LENGTH CKSUM DATE COMMENTS 11 12 BATMMLT BASMTRN BATMTRN BASMZER BATMZER BASMCON BATMCON BASMIDN BATMIDN BASMRED Your cache administrator is webmaster.

Contains the procedure to configure the deadstart tape that is released with the KRONOS 2. 1 package so that it includes the product set and the required installation parameter settings. These decks are from the SCOPE 3. 4 tapes named PL1A and PL1B. Kronos, Inc. Direct Access 1.0 Indexed Sequential 2.0 SCOPE 3.4 system text, COMDECKs, and programs Text Editor Time-Sharing Subsystem Update The deadstart tape has the following characteristics: unlabeled, 7- or 9-track, 800 bpi,

Job 1 Use this job to modify installation parameters or to add PSR updates to source code and to create a new tape (current KPLxx) containing updated source and binary code. TEST FOR END OF FILE STATUS. 1620 73/06/06. FEIFSC. Call the GENINSD procedure file program to list and punch the installation decks for all products to be installed.

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