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Labview Error Ranges


For example, enter Ignore this message. To correct this error, remove either the 0x08 option or the 0x80 and 0x100 options. 1604 The Open VI Reference function does not support using the option 0x08 (Prepare for reentrant If you are sure that you have selected the correct instrument and it is responding, try disabling ID Query in the instrument driver's initialize VI. −1074003950 Error interpreting the instrument's response. Fix the errors before attempting this operation. 1499 Library has edits in another context. http://edsdefence.com/labview-error/labview-error-10.php

This error also can occur if you used a model that is not officially supported by this driver. The Set Cursor VI also can return this error. 102 IVI invalid downcast. The specified property code is not valid for this refnum. −1967345150 Invalid privilege ID. A measurement is accurate if the interval formed by measurement, +/- its uncertainty, contains the true value of the quantity being measured. http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361J-01/lverror/error_code_ranges/

Ni Error Code

The exception might have corrupted the LabVIEW memory. This error was most likely a configuration mismatch between the calling conventions of the Call Library Node and the function being called in the DLL. 1523 Passed an invalid number of This calculation leads to erroneous results if data is appended to the waveform.

Enter a path to an existing palette file to read data from the palette file. Refer to the National Instruments Web site to download the VIs. 1196 Cannot list the same terminal more than once in the grown region of the expandable subVI. 1197 This operation This error might occur if the create if not found input of the Obtain Semaphore Reference VI is FALSE and LabVIEW cannot find a semaphore with the name you specify. 1535 Labview Error 200279 The specified wave format is not supported.

Unable to checkout the requested license feature because the license is invalid or does not exist. 1381 Cannot create semaphores with a size less than one. 1384 Cannot start dragging because Daqmx Error Codes LabVIEW does not support this device driver on Windows Vista or later. −4824 Clipped Floating-point data to fit the range [-1.0, 1.0]. A cluster appears that contains a Boolean constant, a numeric constant, and an array. http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361H-01/lvhowto/creating_user_defined_erro/ All rights reserved.| Choose your country Australia Brasil Canada (English) Canada (Français) Deutschland España France India Italia Magyarország Malaysia México Nederland Österreich Polska Schweiz Singapore Suisse Sverige United Kingdom United States

Use the Get Volume Info function to return the proper sector size. Labview Visa Error Codes Switch to the VI in which you defined your custom error code, and run the VI again. Save the new VI or function to a different directory than vi.lib so you do not overwrite the original. 44 Object ID too low. 45 Object ID too high. 46 Object LabVIEW determines how data is aligned and you cannot alter that alignment.

Daqmx Error Codes

An error occurred converting from LabVIEW type to OLE variant type. 88 Run-time menu error. 89 Another user tampered with the VI password. 90 Variant attribute not found. 91 The data Click the Continue button in this error dialog. Ni Error Code There is already a VI in this hierarchy with this name. 1449 Arrays must have at least one dimension and a maximum of 63 dimensions. 1450 One or more untitled library Labview Visa Error -1073807339 A file path with the filename is required, but the supplied path is a path to a directory. 118 The supplied folder path does not exist. 122 The resource you are

An error dialog appears and displays the customized error code and description. have a peek at these guys Frequency domain waveforms are constructed with a base frequency f0 and a delta frequency df. Please try the request again. The device driver needed to execute the In Port and Out Port VIs is not present. Labview Error Daqmx

You cannot use user events for communication between LabVIEW application instances. 1502 Cannot save a bad VI without its block diagram. 1503 Cannot save a clone of a reentrant VI. 1504 You can find each of these variables in the specifications document for your device. Consider building caches for each set of paths that share a common directory. 1580 Cannot find the compiled code in the compiled object cache. check over here You cannot use notifiers for communication between LabVIEW application instances. 1493 The save operation failed because multiple files of the same name cannot be saved into a single LLB.

Enter a path to a valid palette file to write data to the file. −4400 The palette type is invalid. Labview Custom Error Codes The file may be corrupt. 4811 Cannot support sound format. Visit the CRC website to download accompanying software.

Run the VI.

Check that the parameters entered are within the supported range for the hardware and drivers. 4804 Cannot write in file playback. The file specified must have the same filename as the original file. 1443 Debug connection refused by specified server. For example, VI Server:Generic:GObject 1312 Structure frame index is out of range. Labview Error 1073807339 Select File»Open to open the VI and then verify that you are able to run it. 1004 The VI is not in memory. 1005 VI execution has been disabled in the

Try freeing up disk space or saving to a different disk or drive. 10 Duplicate path. 11 Too many files open. 12 Some system capacity necessary for operation is not enabled. A format specifier does not match the data type of its corresponding argument in a Format Into String or Scan From String function. 82 Unknown format specifier. Save any work to a new location and restart LabVIEW. 1144 Cannot insert VI in a subpanel control because VI is already open. 1145 Cannot open VI because it is already this content Consider this “uncertainty” the maximum error that the specification permits.

If you are using the Open/Create/Replace File function or Open/Create/Replace Datalog function, you can wire cancelled to the selector terminal of the case structure instead.