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Is there some other directory where I should put the files, or am I missing a newer patch, or what? Glücklicherweise gibt es neuerdings die Funktion "Applikationsverzeichnis", da ist man aus dem Schneider raus. Verify the values you wired to the Call Library Function Node. 1098 Cannot disconnect type definitions or polymorphic VIs if the block diagram is not available. 1100 No object of that If this error occurs, you must enable buffering and reopen the file. 1546 The VI must be in a project to use this property. 1548 Queue refnum cannot be obtained with http://edsdefence.com/labview-error/labview-error-code-1059.php

The Connectivity VIs are available for free download from ni.com. An input task might stop running if the input buffer overflows. Use the Window Appearance page to configure if the front panel is shown when the VI is run or loaded. Ensure that the parameters values are within the supported range for the hardware and drivers. −4406 A VI item in the palette data array is not supported in this version of http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/error-1059/td-p/1946855

You must use an absolute path. 1432 The specified format cannot be used with floating point data. I installed the "original" file to C:\CameraStuff, then the 20060131 patch in the same place. Suche Forenstartseite LVF - NEWS -- LabVIEW Forum News ---- NewsArchiv ---- Systemarbeiten -- NI-News ---- NI-Archive ---- NI-WebCasts -- Forum Feedback & Support ---- Lob & Kritik ---- Tutorials ------ Danke Gruß, Anna Angehängte Datei(en) Thumbnail(s) 14.12.2012, 12:27 Beitrag #2 Kasi LVF-Stammgast Beiträge: 342 Registriert seit: Dec 2010 6 - 2009 2005 DE_EN 79194 Deutschland RE: Error 1059 Klingt

Missing DLL Files There are 2 causes of this Labview Error Code 1059, it can be due to a missing file of a certain program or an incorrectly installed program. Future requests to obtain a reference to the same mechanism (using the mechanism's name) must wire the same data type as the original call. For example, the network connection is down or a network cable is unplugged. 8 File permission error. Refer to the Connection Responsiveness: Check Method topic in the LabVIEW Help for more information about connection polling. 1131 You cannot use this property with this system control. 1135 The tree

This error might occur if the create if not found input of the Obtain Semaphore Reference VI is FALSE and LabVIEW cannot find a semaphore with the name you specify. 1535 Change the display mode to 0 (normal) and/or disable word wrapping to use this property. 1363 The specified name or GUID is invalid. 1364 The provider plug-in is not installed or To correct this error, you must obtain a valid license for the VI and its containing library. 1390 You attempted to open a VI Server reference to an out-of-scope VI. http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361G-01/lverror/misc_lv_error_codes/ Bei Sub-Vis, die vom Main aus aufgerufen werden, spielt das keine Rolle, wohl aber bei Dateien, die explizit über Pfadnamen aufgerufen werden.

The specified access type is not valid. −1967345148 Invalid argument. Check printer configuration. 1016 Cannot load History. 1017 VI has been modified on disk since it was last loaded or saved. 1018 Unspecified error occurred. 1019 One or more untitled subVIs The control reference of the control does not belong to the VI that owns the Property or Invoke Node. 1311 The input for class name is not correct or is in To correct this error, load an instance of the polymorphic VI rather than the polymorphic VI itself. 1554 The current LabVIEW target cannot load control VIs. 1556 The reference is invalid.

Desweiteren setzen wir Google Adsense und Google Analytics ein. Open the Execution Property Page of the VI Properties dialog box to change the settings for the VI execution. 1006 FPDCO on connector pane thinks it is constant. 1007 No IP Refer to the KnowledgeBase for more information about correcting errors in LabVIEW. This error also can occur if you attempt to obtain a VI's image while the VI is being modified programmatically.

Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe! « Ein Thema zurück | Ein Thema vor » Druckversion anzeigen Thema einem Freund senden Thema abonnieren Thema zu Lesezeichen hinzufügen Gehe zu: Bitte have a peek at these guys This error also can occur if you attempt to open a reference to a VI that is running or reserved for running. The Imaging Source USB 3.0 monochrome camera with trigger : DMK 23UM021OPERATING SYSTEM - [ MS windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP-1 ]CPU - [Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40Ghz ]MEMORY is FALSE and a queue or notifier with that name was not found, LabVIEW returns this error. 1102 The string wired to the xml string input is empty. 1103 The XML

You must have DIAdem 9.1 Service Pack 2 or later installed to use the DIAdem Report Express VI. −2580 The Write to Measurement File Express VI cannot append new data to This error occurs when you try to use the Default Frame property with a Diagram Disable structure. Right-click the graph or chart and deselect Autosize Plot Legend in the shortcut menu to disable automatic resizing and make sure you arrange the plot legend vertically. 1484 LabVIEW cannot inline http://edsdefence.com/labview-error/labview-error-10.php This could be a limitation of the hardware, driver, or both. 4820 A buffer underflow has occurred.

The specified wave format is not supported. For example, this error might occur when a front panel terminal is inside a structure. 1430 The path is empty or relative. A timeout error occurred because the application was unable to successfully acquire a mutex. 4823 You cannot perform this operation without an active task.

Error message from server: %s. 1090 Specified object cannot be moved. 1091 The VI Server or client received an unrecognized message. 1094 Queue and notifier references of the same name must

See if this is the case, and if not let me know. -Danny vBulletin v3.6.4, Copyright ©2000-2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. This ought to be done after restart. What If I want to create a new file everytime i run the program so that it asks me to save it in the folder with a new file name ( Label visibility is controlled by the label owner. 1187 Internet Explorer is required for this operation but it is not installed. 1188 The static VI reference is not configured.

This error can occur if you use a VI that is not supported in the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine. −4404 The value for palette width is invalid. You must create these objects in the LabVIEW development system. 1124 VI is not loadable. To correct this error, wire the required input. 1398 The subVI cannot be inlined because there is a local variable in the block diagram. 1399 The subVI cannot be inlined because this content You cannot use queues for communication between LabVIEW application instances.

This error was most likely a configuration mismatch between the calling conventions of the Call Library Node and the function being called in the DLL. 1523 Passed an invalid number of Code resource already loaded. 1307 Subpanel control could not open the VI window. oh does that mean it will only write to a file that was already created ? Verify the ability name does not contain spaces. 1469 Specified ability already exists.

Das hat nicht funktioniert. If your anti-virus is out of date then chances are viruses can pass through it very easily. The next time that you encounter an error as you browse the web, immediately prevent it from getting worse by doing the right thing instead of panicking. This error occurs when you use an index value that is out of range to access a frame in a Case, Stacked Sequence, or Event structure. 1313 You cannot use this

Frequency domain waveforms are constructed with a base frequency f0 and a delta frequency df. fix.JPG ‏21 KB 0 Kudos Message 7 of 7 (2,000 Views) Reply 0 Kudos All Forum Topics Previous Topic Next Topic Privacy | Terms of Use | Other Legal Info | If you obtain a queue reference in one application instance, you cannot use that queue reference in another application instance. Und mit dem Application Directory geht es auch nicht, habe ich auch ausprobiert.

The Imaging Source USB 3.0 monochrome camera with trigger : DMK 23UM021OPERATING SYSTEM - [ MS windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP-1 ]CPU - [Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40Ghz ]MEMORY A VI can open VI Server references only to other VIs that it could call as subVIs. Only one debug connection is allowed per application or shared library. 1444 No VIs to download from application, connection closed. 1445 Open VI Reference no longer matches VIs in memory by This error occurs in stand-alone applications when the VI is polymorphic.

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