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Konica Minolta Fatal Error 17h

How do you clean these machines.Not about to pay $200/toner cartridge. I'm no printer tech, but in most other lasers (HPs, etc) the paper tray lifts, or pushes up a little on the paper stack, via springs, coils, or other mechanical means. by unknown on Sep 13, 2006 at 9:12am Add comment Please sign in to comment I have a KM 2530DL. so to fix the jam it should be just this one fee, no per hour or call out charges. weblink

The actual printing takes the same amount of time it always has. When you return to the printer, put the waste toner container aside for assembly back into the printer later.5. I had no error messages each time I tried(3-4 times). It has about 9,000 faces, 5788 color, and 25,000 planes on it.

It has to do with the toner. Cause : one of the toner cartridges was unproperly installed in factory, or went loose during transport, so the whole toner rack is out of synch. Look at how the part feeds onto that track so that you can replicate that during re-assembly.8.

I can’t work out where this grey dust is coming from (it seems to be waste toner, and is more concentrated toward the right-hand side of the printer internals). Note that the gears are on opposite sides, the handles are different, etc. They reduce the clearance and pressure on the fuser rollers for feeding envelopes. I have access to many of the printer models and will do what I can to answer your questions.

no genuine toner", also when I print the printer says Fatal ... The error is linked to incorrect rotation usually ... See Figure 18. 15) Check to ensure that the contact to the feed roller is clean, and that the two gears are clean and greased. just put everything back...

Thought I was being smart ... Chris We have created this user to selectively move posts from The Copier Network to provide continuity. Please help anyone! I'm about to try to empty the waste toner, but thought there may be an expert who could give me some tips please?

And with power on it will spin and calibrateOK... More hints by Anonymous on May 26, 2008 at 9:12pm Add comment Please sign in to comment where you able to get this figured out? - unknown 1 I have had a Magicolor Just kidding. We have included some of the more common ones here.Fatal Error 08H Main motor not rotatingFatal Error 0BH Fan motor not rotatingFatal Error 0CH Power supply fan not rotatingFatal Error 10H

I took a tissue and wiped as much of the dirty toner off. have a peek at these guys See Figure 13. 10) Remove the two screws from the doctor blade. See Figure 12. 9) Remove the developer roller and gears. Although he tried to walk me through examining the transfer belt it still did not work.

Any suggestions? However, the vertical placement of the page is somewhat random: if I print the same page twice in a row there can be a vertical shift of several millimeters. I let it cool down and cleaned the rollers that were reachable, but it still jams. http://edsdefence.com/konica-minolta/konica-minolta-error-ng.php Category: Toner | Added: (01.06.2010) Views: 1368 Search Refill and remanufacturing instructions.

PS machines are about a year apart in age and the one continuously showing this problem has much less usage so I do not think it is related to age or Any help would be appreciated! You may have to re-install the driver as I did because the IP address changed after I did all this. (I have the 2300DL which has network ability.) Give me an

end of life message has now disappeared.If you have been using the drum for a while and the waste is getting full, empty out the grey waste toner before replacing (see

Taking test printsWith the printer ready, press the "MENU SELECT” button once.Press the left or right arrows until "SPECIAL PAGES” appears on the display.Press the "MENU SELECT” button.Press the left or The lines I describe as looking like barcode are all parallel to each other and perpendicular to the paper path. Rotate so that the tabs are aligned and snap in place. To access the gear assembly the side cover on the left hand side when facing the control panel) of the printer must be removed.

Hence, documents often end up cut off at the bottom, unfinished. Bad feed? This has to be replaced when refilling.The chip counts the number of pages and stops working when 1500 or 4500 pages have been through the machine. http://edsdefence.com/konica-minolta/konica-minolta-error-n33.php If left up printing on regular paper makes fuzzy or very light copies. - unknown 1 Are you sure the toners are empty?

Many Thanks by theprinterguy2000 on Sep 8, 2011 at 7:42am Add comment Please sign in to comment 1 My printer is networked and color printing has stopped all together. Rack rotation failure, I'm not 100% that this is that error, but does the rack, where the toner are move ? As stated above, the cartridges have different part numbers (chips), for different regions around the world. by unknown on Sep 8, 2006 at 9:15am Add comment Please sign in to comment good afternoon I have a konica minolta bizhub c550 when I open the machine no working

Please provide accurated reference to the correct rollers. - JIC 0 The one trick which worked for me a couple of times is to apply a lot of pressue to the And I'm using genuine Konica cartridges, not refills, not generic.After shutting the printer off and re-powering it...the cartridge carousel rotates fine and the calibration cycle completes and theprinter goes into the