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VRS 4.5 supported scanners For information about scanners supported with VRS 4.5, use the Kofax Scanner Configurator. You attempted to define a destination rectangle beyond the printable area on your destination page. Check the KScan ScanModeCap property and set ScanMode accordingly. 20061 KGERRBADSTARTMODE KGERR_BADSTARTMODE Invalid start mode. The software was unable to keep up with the data transfer from the scanner. http://edsdefence.com/kofax-error/kofax-error-772.php

If not much or not enough datais returned from a given set of search criteria, you can modify your search criteria and try again.For details regarding the search criteria, please reference For print operations, check the OrientationCap property and set Orientation accordingly. 20083 KGERRBADCONTRASTSCANMODE KGERR_BADCONTRASTSCANMODE Invalid contrast/scan mode combination. Great! Check your PATH statement. 20048 KGERRCONTROLNOTCONNECTED KGERR_CONTROLNOTCONNECTED Control not connected.

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Examples include "Out of paper", "Not Reserved", etc. Check the peripheral cables and try again. 20158 KGERRBADHEADER KGERR_BADHEADER Image header has been corrupted. 20168 KGERRNODRIVER KGERR_NODRIVER Missing driver (for example, a printer driver). 20169 KGERRENGINEFAIL KGERR_ENGINEFAIL Pixel translations. Check the KScan ScanDirectionCap and ScanContinuousCap properties and set ScanDirection and ScanContinuous accordingly. 20081 KGERRBADSTACKERJOGCOMBO KGERR_BADSTACKERJOGCOMBO Invalid stacker/jog position combination.

For print operations, check the KPrnt SourceCap and PaperSizeCap properties and set Source and PaperSize accordingly. 20075 KGERRBADSRCPANELCOMBO KGERR_BADSRCPANELCOMBO Invalid paper source/panel combination. Incompatible drivers and .DLLs. If the scanner is not capable, use a different scanner. 20096 KGERRENDORSERERROR KGERR_ENDORSERERROR The endorser on the scanner has an error. Kofax Unable To Start Module Check your cables, turn on the scanner, and try again. 20213 KGERRBADSAMPLESPERPIXEL KGERR_BADSAMPLESPERPIXEL The color format of a file is not supported.

In addition, Fujitsu IPC scanners do not support scanning at resolutions greater than 400 DPI in Standard DTC mode. Kofax Knowledge Database Expression must be a list type: Set Are there standards for digital sensor links? A more-descriptive error is usually generated. 20067 KGERRADFPRESENT KGERR_ADFPRESENT Status, ADF is present. 20068 KGERRBADDITHER KGERR_BADDITHER Invalid dither setting. Check the KScan ScanModel setting. 20148 KGERRBADPERIPHERALMAKE KGERR_BADPERIPHERALMAKE Peripheral make incorrectly specified.

invalid image file data or file corrupted bug in ImageControls/Bedrock/Driver, etc. Kofax Vrs Error Codes Once you have verified a connection to the server, we will need to setup an ODBC connection in Windows. The invalid portion is probably the "yyy." 20142 KGERRININOENTRY KGERR_ININOENTRY The entry in an INI file section is missing. Since Kofax is a 32-bit program you will need to set up a 32-bit ODBC connection.

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However tech support and engineering can utilize these errors to find and correct problems. you could check here Addendum: I just saw that this could be the same as in VB in general. Kofax Support Portal This typically occurs if you are missing a Pixel Translations driver. 20179 KGERRBADIMAGEWIDTH KGERR_BADIMAGEWIDTH Image file may be corrupted. Kofax Forum Check the KScan ScanContinuousCap property and set ScanContinuous accordingly.

Replace the fuse. this content The article was highlighting the software program used at the Department of Licensing to process vehicle registrations, however, there are a number of additional agencies that are using legacy programs and IPM 10g is Going Away, Now What? Downloaded string sent to device is too long. 20088 KGERRALREADYOPEN KGERR_ALREADYOPEN Device already open. Kofax License Activation

Timeouts can occur at the scanner level as well as at the accelerator board level. SCSI scanners require a SCSI KF-9275. 20151 KGERRBADCABLEID KGERR_BADCABLEID For future development: Feature not available in 2.0. 20152 KGERRBADPANELSTART KGERR_BADPANELSTART Start button was not pressed on the panel before timeout. 20154 Check your KImgp BarType property. 20405 KGERRBADZOOMDPICOMBO KGERR_BADZOOMDPICOMBO Invalid zoom and DPI combination. http://edsdefence.com/kofax-error/kofax-error-48.php Verify the path and file name specified in the IniFileName properties for each control. 20018 KGERRINIDOESNOTEXIST KGERR_INIDOESNOTEXIST .INI file does not exist.

These type of errors are often caused by the following conditions: product is not properly installed. Kofax Downloads Either the image width is zero or too large. 20180 KGERRENGINEBUSY KGERR_ENGINEBUSY Engine is busy. 20189 KGERRNOSLAVE KGERR_NOSLAVE Attempt to scan duplex without a required secondary accelerator board. Either the drivers have not been installed or the accelerator is not operational.

Kofax/WinWrap Errors seem to start at 10.000 and end at 10.201.

The color bit for the image is invalid or corrupted. 20059 KGERRBADBITSEX KGERR_BADBITSEX Invalid bitsex. You attempted to perform an operation not possible in design mode. 20118 KGERRCONTROLALREADYCONNECTED KGERR_CONTROLALREADYCONNECTED Control already connected. 20119 KGERRBADCOLORORBITSEX KGERR_BADCOLORORBITSEX Bad color or bit order. Why price is not the most important factor when purchasing imaging hardware When shopping for new imaging hardware, many customers look at their budget and let that dictate their purchase. Kofax Delivery Clean and adjust the scanner rollers and try again.

Check your picking rectangle properties (for example, the KScan DevicePickingxxx properties such as DevicePickingHeight). 20051 KGERRPAPERINADF KGERR_PAPERINADF Cannot perform flatbed scan - paper in ADF. Check the scanner driver and scanner capabilities. 20072 KGERRBADLONGSCAN KGERR_BADLONGSCAN Long scan is not supported or the scanner is not configured for long scan operations. For example, if using a KF-9275 and a KF-9250 together for scanning, the KF-9275 should be configured as the secondary. 20232 KGERRBOARDMEMORYMISMATCH KGERR_BOARDMEMORY_MISMATCH Secondary accelerator board must have more memory than check over here Check the KForm IniTemplateFileName and TemplateSectionName properties. 20121 KGERRBADINISECTIONNAME KGERR_BADINISECTIONNAME The section name for an .INI file is invalid (possibly "").

Check the memory on the accelerator board. 20022 KGERRINVALIDACTION KGERR_INVALIDACTION The action value that was set is outside the allowable range. 20023 KGERRBADPARAMETER KGERR_BADPARAMETER Bad parameter. Disk may be write protected or full. Check the path and file names specified in the IniFileName and IniSectionName properties for each control. 20141 KGERRINIBADENTRY KGERR_INIBADENTRY The entry in an INI file section is invalid. Scanner optics or sensors need service.

TWAIN Source Unavailable After Upgrade (SPR00049856) Simplex Images Produced with Duplex Scanning Selected (SPR00053853) Scan Profile Not Refreshed - Kodak i1840 (SPR00051911) Kofax VRS TWAIN Interface Unable to Save Profile After Check your IniFileName and IniSectionName properties (for each control). 20122 KGERRSCNADFMISSPICK KGERR_SCNADFMISSPICK ADF did not pick up a page. Check that your sources are configured correctly with the KSM. Check the FujitsuIPCDTCMode property is not set to Standard for resolutions greater than 400 DPI.

Check that your configuration is correct and your control files have not been corrupted. 20001 KGERRENGINENOTINITIALIZED KGERR_ENGINENOTINITIALIZED Engine not initialized. fb.me/779MaDbZr 6monthsago Top Posts & Pages ADF 11g: Passing Information to Bind Variables How to fix an error when configuring Active Directory Federation Services Oracle IPM Invoice Processing Accelerators Using C#.NET Check the KScan ScanSourceCap and ScanContinuousCap properties and set ScanSource and ScanContinuous accordingly. 20080 KGERRBADORIENTLONGSCANCOMBO KGERR_BADORIENTLONGSCANCOMBO Invalid orientation/long scan combination. std::string += operator cannot pass 0 as argument How to describe very damaging natural weapon attacks from a weak creature Is there a difference between "sudo apt-get install cuda" and "sudo

These types of errors are useful to developers and can be used to correct normal error conditions. Connect the control and try again. 20049 KGERRTASKFAILURE KGERR_TASKFAILURE Task failure. Check the physical configuration of the scanner. 20074 KGERRBADSRCSIZECOMBO KGERR_BADSRCSIZECOMBO Invalid paper source/paper size combination. Perform a reset to reload the correct firmware. 20401 KGERRSCNWRONGMODEL KGERR_SCNWRONGMODEL The scanner firmware loaded on the Kofax accelerator is a different model than the one selected.